We all look for peace in our lives. These precious moments of peace
bring a change in our perspective that can change our society.

Meditation has swept the country - as the recognition
of its benefits have become more well known.

Love America is a non-profit program, offering
free meditation classes in your community.

Meditation Classes

Many people know the benefits of meditation, and may be interested in trying it, but they lack the access or motivation to start.

Regular practice brings emotional balance, relief from stress and anxiety, and improves relationships within communities.

All classes are offered by trained volunteers - free of charge and with a minimum barier to entry. Our instructors have experienced the benefits of meditation, and have volunteered their time to share that experience. It's that simple.

The workshops are open for the general public, schools, universities, hospitals, community centres, non-profits, and other community organizations.

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Music and Meditation Concerts

Meditation and music have a strong complementary relationship. Each enhances the experience of the other.

We are excited to offer music and meditation concerts featuring invited musicians and other performing artists, associated by their practice of meditation.

Within the performance, attendees will be invited to experience the inner peace and awakening that takes place through meditation.

Concerts can be offered in local theatres, at community events, or through other community institutions. Each concert is offered free of charge whenever possible.

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The Love America tour as a project concluded in August 2018. Local instructors continue to offer free classes across the United States.

This tour was a program to bring meditation instructors from around the world to offer free classes throughout the mainland United States.

Meditation is a tool to bring out the best in people - through introspection, self-balancing, and a calming of the mental process. The value and acceptance of meditation has never been higher in this country. At a time when our country is facing great social challenges, we could all use meditation.

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