Music and meditation Northwest Tour, Aug. 09 - 27

Mehfil, an evening of sharing

On the setting of a staged private gathering, the invited artists are joined by the desire to express truthfully their deep spiritual sentiment. Within the context of an intimate event, the audience is taken on a journey of inner discovery, narrated through music, dance, poetry and storytelling.

A mingling of art forms, diverse in form and origin, stretching from Indian classical instrumental music to Chinese traditional dance, from Persian music to Haiku poetry, all united by their performer’s human condition and necessity to ascend to a higher level of awareness. The fellowship between the artists breaks the barrier of the fourth wall, dividing them ideally from the audience, opening to all the opportunity to partake in this quest for an experiential truth.

Crowning the evening will be an experience of Sahaja Yoga meditation developed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

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Leo Vertunni
Sitar Player
Lou Hoi Mei
Chinese Classical Dancer, Choreographer and Theatre Actor
Nirmal Nair
World Instrumentalist (Persian, Indian, European)
Rishi Nair
Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Khyal-style Singer